the true roman catholic bible describes the beast as 666. where the king james version describes the beast as 666 and three score 6 two difrent ways from two bibles. and makes my thinking as 666 times 3. which comes to the year 1998. and in 1998 bin laden makes a threat to the usa. and other history i dont yet know of . then in 2001 came 9/11..
nostrodamus in his epistle shows that from creation to just befor christ is 4173 years. and from christ to 2016 add 4173 is
6189 years. showing earth is 6000 years from creation.

nostrodamus counted the years just befor christ as 4173 years..
after christ to now 2016 years and the counted years from creation add up to 6189 years from creation...
we are 189 years in the 7th melinium..